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Causes of Drastic Weight Loss and How to Overcome It

Causes of Drastic Weight Loss and How to Overcome It"

Weight loss can occur through effort, such as diet or exercise. But if you lose weight drastically without any particular effort to lose it, there is a possibility of an illness. This condition needs to watch out for and find out the cause.

The limit of weight loss that needs to be watched is if it reaches 4.5 to 5 kg, or more than 5 percent of initial weight, in a period of 6-12 months.

For example, if your initial weight is 70 kg, you need to be vigilant if you lose up to 4 kg, even though you are not on a diet or are trying to lose weight.
Causes of Weight Loss Drastic
Drastic weight loss is a sign of malnutrition, a condition when the body lacks the nutrients it needs to function and improve. Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, can be one of the causes. Stress or severe depression can also make you lose weight.

Apart from some of the causes above, weight loss can also indicate a dramatic following conditions:

1. Hormone disorders

Hormone disorders can cause excessive weight loss. is hyperthyroidism and diabetes
2. Chronic illness

Drastic weight loss is one of the symptoms of a chronic disease that indicates organ damage, such as heart failure, kidney failure, or liver failure. Patients with this disease usually experience loss of appetite.

In addition, autoimmune diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can also be a cause of weight loss dramatically
3. Gastrointestinal disease

Some intestinal disorders that cause weight loss drastically include stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis. The problem of nutrient absorption, such as in celiac disease, can also cause weight loss to drop dramatically.

4. Infection

Infection can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites. Keep in mind, not all infections can cause weight loss drastically. Infections that can make the body lose weight significantly include tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, and intestinal worms.

5. Cancer

Drastic weight loss can be one of the symptoms of cancer, such as lymphoma, leukemia, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.

6. Tooth and mouth disease

Toothache, gums or canker sores do not directly cause weight loss, but can interfere with the process of chewing and swallowing food, resulting in difficulty eating. Oral hygiene that is not maintained can also make the mouth feel acidic, thus causing a reduction in appetite.

7. Side effects of drugs

Long-term treatment can affect body weight. This can be caused by side effects of nausea and decreased appetite, due to consumption of certain drugs. One drug that causes many side effects to lose weight is chemotherapy.

In addition, drug abuse and alcohol consumption habits can also cause weight loss to drop drastically unhealthy.

Neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's dementia, can also cause weight loss to drop dramatically, although indirectly due to reduced independence and ability to perform a variety of basic activities, including eating.

Because there are many conditions and diseases that can cause weight to drop dramatically, this complaint needs to be checked by a doctor. The doctor will conduct a complete physical examination, nutritional status assessment, and supporting examinations if needed, to ascertain the cause.

How to Overcome Weight Loss Drastically

How to deal with weight loss drastically depends on the cause. In addition to overcoming the causes, what is also very important in the treatment of weight loss dramatically is improving nutrition and calorie intake, so that the body's needs are met.

To determine the target of increasing weight, improving nutrition, and administering drugs to overcome this condition, the participation of nutrition doctors and other specialists is needed, according to the patient's illness. The doctor will determine the type, amount, and method of feeding, as well as providing nutritional supplements if needed, to improve nutritional status

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Fashion trick: You look slim when you dress like this
Clothes are worn in a variety of ways, but they do not seem to fit. Life is ugly or clothes are not matched? I can't find it.
Feeling inferior when you find your clothes inappropriate. Confidence is lost. ‘Will others say something?’ Such apprehension creates guilt in the mind. In other words, inappropriate clothing causes mental stress
This problem occurs for two reasons. One is when one's own life is inappropriate. Next, not being able to choose the right clothes.
Life is a natural thing. Its length and width are difficult to match. Matching is the dress. But, how to fix it?
It also has rules. Whether the body is thick or thin. High or low These are not a matter of concern. Instead, the main thing is how to choose and how to dress according to your life. Fashionistas say, "You should be able to choose the right dress according to your body, no matter how attractive your body looks."
Jamna is slim now. At a glance, it looks fast and agile. Fashionistas have also suggested ways to look slimmer by adjusting the cut of the dress. What is the solution?
How to look slim?
Women often want to look slim. There are various ways to look slim. Some go to the gym and some go on a diet. Some people start consuming lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, while others try to look slim even after consuming 5-7 cups of green tea a day.
However, even by adopting simple methods, you can show yourself fit and slim. You don't even have to work hard for it. You just have to set aside two minutes for yourself. Because we have so many rules, which can be used to show yourself slim within two minutes.
Choose comfortable shoes ?
Shoes play a big role in making the body look slim and attractive. Choosing the right shoes makes people look taller and slimmer. For that, when choosing shoes, you should choose shoes according to your skin color. Also, light gray, gray, nude and skin color can be the above option.
Special attention should be paid to the pants while using the shoes. When using pants or tights with such shoes, matching colors should be used. It creates visual illusions. And, the person's height tends to feel a few inches taller than before.
While using any shoe, it is better not to use shoes with ankle straps. Because the use of such shoes can make people look taller instead of taller.
Pay special attention to clothes ?
Special attention should be paid to the clothes to look slim. You should not choose big or small clothes in the purchase size. Because such clothes show the body fat instead of covering it. So, every time you buy clothes, you have to buy the right size clothes keeping in mind your body. It helps to make the personality attractive and also to look slim.
Keep your back straight ?
Body posture also plays a big role in making the body look attractive and slim. In particular, such postures enhance a person's dignity and make the waist appear smaller. While sitting in a lazy posture or lying down, the body shape looks small and not only thick. It also causes various health problems.
Draw the outline ?
Contouring helps to make the face look smaller and hide the problem of double appearance. For that you need to know how to use dark and light colored tones. The simplest way to use it is to darken all the parts you want to hide. And, whatever part you want to show, is to highlight it.
For this, it is necessary to know how to use it. For this, you must first use a highlighter. Then cover the rest with a dark colored contour. One thing to keep in mind when using a contour is that the edges of the face should be invisible. Bright makeup should always be used with caution on the face. For example, red lipstick helps to highlight the lines of Chiudo and Bangara.
Lightening or darkening the skin color
The more tanned the skin, the less visible the extra pounds of skin. And, a good alternative to tanning the skin is to use bronzer. In addition, the skin can be tanned with these simple measures.
To do this, first clean the skin and keep the skin moisturized by using moisturizer cream.
If the skin is dry, use a sponge instead of a scrub. And, moisturize the skin again and again. Also, pay special attention to the knees and elbows.
Choosing the right clothes "
When choosing any garment, special attention should be paid to the fabric used in it. Clothes made of inferior materials make the body look ugly. Similarly, wearing tight clothes makes a person look fat.
In addition, when choosing clothes, you should avoid using four-sided and zigzag shaped clothes. Because such clothes expose the part of the body that needs to be covered instead of covering it. While the elastic and smooth flowing fabric covers the body well and helps the body to look slim.
Using the right item"
Tight scarves and turtle-necked garments affect the entire body. While the lighter type of scarf can be left as it is or hung under the belt. A round or 'V' shaped neck is considered to be the best option. When using any garment, you should wear it only by opening two or three edges of the neck.
Not paying much attention to unnecessary parts "
Sometimes people spend more time hiding body parts that they don't like. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.
For example, if someone doesn't like their hip, don't wear jeans with big pockets or a print. Because the less attention you pay to the hip, the less likely it is that a person will notice it.
Consult a hairdresser "
Huge and raised hair can change the look. Therefore, when cutting hair, you should always cut your hair keeping in mind your clothes and body shape. When cutting hair, medium and short length hair can be cut. Short hair looks good only when the hair covers the neck.
Similarly, long and straight hair is not suitable for obese people. Such a hairstyle exposes the problem area.
Use of software"
The use of sepwear and slim belts to make the body look slim is considered 'common' nowadays. Using bodywear and slim belts makes the body look slim and fit. And, it helps to look attractive in any outfit.
Such belts can be used not only for obese people but also for lean people. In particular, the use of sepware to reduce belly fat and reduce the size of the hip is considered very attractive. But it is wise to use such software on special occasions.