Sunday, June 21, 2020

Face mask to say "goodbye" to pimples.

DIY: Face mask to say "goodbye" to pimples.

You will only need two ingredients from your kitchen.

Pimples are the number one problem facing every woman with oily skin. You only need two ingredients, which you already have in your kitchen, to reduce this problem.

Lemon contains citric acid, which can regulate sebum secretion and effectively reduce pimples. Citric acid also helps fight acne by killing harmful bacteria, as well as reducing acne scars.

Honey has antibacterial properties and moisturizes the skin, leaving it radiant. Read how you can help your skin and get rid of annoying pimples naturally.

-Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with the same amount of honey in a bowl. You will have a viscous paste.

-Put the mixture with a cotton ball on a clean face and neck.

-Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

- Rinse with cold water.

You will immediately notice that your face is cleaner and brighter. By doing this treatment twice a week, you will significantly reduce pimples.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hair silicone

Hair silicone

everything you need to know SHARE TWEET FAVORIS Proper hair care includes more than just bathing and regular haircuts. To help you better understand the ingredients of care products, we look at silicone below.

What is silicone?

S?iliconre widely es aused in skin and hair care products; however, their presence in shampoos and conditioners has been a controversial issue. In hair care, in particular, silicones are a group of hydrophobic ingredients (waterproof) that act as a "capardine" for the hair, sealing the moisture and leaving the hair smooth, silky and shiny. There are several types of silicone, which differ from each other in terms of application, adhesion and flushing capacity (1). Silicones shield the hair follicle (the outer layer of the hair) and make the hair less porous, while helping to protect it from heat and static electricity (2)

What are the most common silicones?

There are 2 main types of silicone, and specifically:

- dimethicone
- and amiodimethicone
Dimethicone makes hair shiny, smooth and soft. It also enhances the reflection of light in the hair and reduces frizz. Amiodimethicone is a type of smart silicone that attaches to the hair by repairing damaged parts. It works as follows: when the hair is negatively charged, it causes repulsion creating frizz; as the amino groups have a positive charge, the two compounds are attracted to each other resulting in smooth, beautiful hair. In addition, this type of silicone makes the hair easier to comb, which makes it an ideal addition to conditioners.

Why are silicones used?
Silicones are widely used because they do not alter the action of the other components of the composition. This means that they can be easily combined with other emollients or surfactants. In addition, thanks to their extremely mild action, they do not disturb the balance of fiber or hair proteins (keratin). Another reason they are used is because they do not affect other treatments that can be applied to the hair (such as dye). Instead, they repair and prevent the daily stress of the hair, ensuring nourishment and softness to the hair and facilitating their styling.Some consumers prefer silicone-free products as they offer a different end result. The Dercos Detox treatment line, without silicone, leaves the hair light and is ideal for those who prefer products with fewer ingredients. Another case where silicone-free products can be useful is before dyeing, as some hairdressers prefer to apply the hair color as lightly as possible, without the coating created by the silicone.

What is the role of silicones in hair care products?
Silicones are incorporated into the composition of care products due to their unique ability to offer hair shine, smoothness and softness. In shampoos, they provide shine and softness to the hair, without weighing it down. They also repel water by creating a light veil that embraces the hair and seals moisture. Their function in the emollient creams is also important, through which they provide the hair with smoothness and softness.The silicones contained in hair care products are safe and tailored to the cosmetic needs and expectations of the consumers to whom the products are addressed.

Why do silicones have a bad reputation?
Many people believe that due to their overlapping action, silicones cause accumulation. However, this has not been proven, because silicones, as a component of the composition of care products, do not accumulate in the hair. Another misconception is that silicones have a negative effect on hair or hair. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Do silicones have an impact on the environment?
Silicones are safe for consumers, but are not easily biodegradable in the environment. That's why our laboratories are working to identify both new types of silicone that can be used in smaller quantities and have greater biodegradability, as well as alternatives to silicone that offer similar benefits to hair and, at the same time, have less environmental impact.

Do silicones pose health risks?
L’Oréal offers safe, effective, and high quality products that you can use with absolute certainty. Today, consumers know exactly what they want and are aware of the ingredients they need to look for. According to studies, in fact, 80% of women answered that they know what their cosmetics contain (3). For L’Oréal, the safety of both the ingredients and the compositions themselves is a prerequisite for all its products. Before being incorporated into each composition, each ingredient must undergo a rigorous safety assessment.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Clear nice skin it's somethingthat we all want but between hormones pollution and dirt and other poorclogging aggressors it can be quite the journey to trying to achieve thatblemish-free complex fortunately though guys it is attainable all you got to dois take my hand follow my guide all right let go let's start out with theeasiest and most straightforward tip drink more water now although wateritself doesn't have any miracle acne removing ingredients at the end of theday it is a h2o hope that everyone here knows that all right stay in schoolhowever.

 drinking more water does help to not only hydrate your skin and make itactually function better but also helps to flush out harmful toxins and oilsthat does lead to breakout when it comes to how much water you should be drinkingit's recommended to be drinking at least one to two liters a day which works outto roughly six to eight glasses of water a day a really easy way to make sureyou're drinking enough water is to get yourself a reusable water bottle withthe water Boulder you can take that anywhere you want and holds way morethan one glass of water you know you've always got it with you on the go getyourself a water bottle.

 I'll have some link down below if you're a lazy guydon't worry I'll help you out check it back check it out of course you canstill enjoy a different kind of beverage here and there but don't get into thehabit don't be that guy that goes for a different liquid substance over water toquench your thirst all right don't be replacing water itself with somethingelse next up your skin is in fact an organjust happens to be visible on the outside of your body which means itprocesses the foods you eat and reacts differently depending on what you putinside your body just like your internal organ at me and .

breakouts are causedfrom excessively oily skin so a great way to combat this is to cut down on thegreasy intake and on the sugary food intake look we've all done that trip toMcDonald's all right whether it's the highlight of your day or the walk ofshame so your first step should be to cut out fast greasy foods altogether ifpossible also another thing that you can do is go for a baked option as opposedto a fried on fried foods they're fried in oil full of grease there's almostalways under turn ative for .

example instead of fried chicken go for bakedchickens that have Frye's go for a baked potato sweetpotato put it in the oven and whatever you want put any of where's my teaswhere's that how am I gonna get there next thing that you guys can do to dealwith acne to fight acne is probably something that you saw coming and thatis using anti acne product if you a bit of insight since like I mentioned mostacne is caused from excessively oily skin most anti acne products are tryingto help to dry out your skin a little bit and you know reduce that oil todayI've partnered up with my boys at t--'s Handley because they've actuallyrecently come out with a new anti acne system and there's actually there's acouple of reasons that this makes a lot of sense first of all the convenience ofthe monthly subscription system see.

 when you're dealing with blemishes likepimples zits blackheads you know acne breakouts and anything like that it'sreally important to be targeting this stuff with anti acne treatment on a veryregular basis that's the most effective way to fight off that oily skin to keepyour blemishes and breakouts down and eventually get rid of also by the acnesystem from T's being delivered monthly it means that you've got everything thatyou could possibly need delivered to your door in this tiny little box forthe acne system you've got your face wash exfoliator your a.m. moisturizerand your anti acne also.

 what I really like about the anti acne this guy righthere is the fact that they've included an anti acne treatment within themoisturizer itself as opposed to being included in a cleanser which is what yousee a lot of other companies doing you include anti acne treatment within aface cleanser it doesn't actually end up being that effective because the soapyingredients of that cleanser is simply washing off the treatment that you'reputting on your face the idea here is that you use your anti acne treatmentwhich is within a moisturizer which is going to be absorbed by your face afteryou use the wash so you're applying it directly onto cleanscan that way it allows the anti-acne ingredients to be the most effectivethat it can if you deal with anywhere between mild to moderate breakouts .

thissystem will be perfect for you and if you feel like you've got excessivebreakouts you've got a lot of acne you can upgrade to level 2 which basicallyjust gives you a two of these every month so you can use this like twice aday all of this T's goodness is in the description down below along with thespecial bloom on discount code save yourself a couple bucks clear up thatact the next thing that you can do to help start cleaning up that face is getyour sweat off there's a common misconception where guys think thatsweating is actually really bad for your skinthat it clogs your pores but in reality that's only happening if you leave sweaton your body for too long getting active produces sweat which then helps toactually push out gunk push out toxins through your pores that would otherwiseactually build up and cause breakouts trust keep you head neat neutral Joe Spezza.

 when you're done exercisingthough that's when you want to make sure that you wash your sweat off you'regonna wash it off all those toxins that just came through your pores if youdon't have access to a shower right after your exercise at least get yourface washed off and get your hands washed off and you know speaking ofthese guys right here speaking of hands stop touching your face on one yourhands all over the place they touch the germs here touch them dirt over theretouching discs massive thing over here and over there just like keeping yourface clean is important keeping your hands clean are important as well try towash your hands a couple times a day and especially after you use the bathroomyou nasty male specimen with that said guys that brings us to the end of thisvideo hope that you all get some clear skin smash that like button smash thatbribe subscribe button check out tease down below with that discount codethanks for watching I'll be seeing everybody next time don't know why justblew kisses they're not for you any of you